New Orleans, LA based helicopters

Jesuit Bend Helicopters, LLC has proudly served New Orleans and Southern Louisiana (from the Jesuit Bend in the Mississippi River) since 1998. In minutes we can fly you out into marshland, we can fly around the CBD (Central Business District), or we can teach YOU how to fly!

Greater New Orleans has been my home my entire life. Both my father and I served in the local volunteer Fire Department. He also introduced me to the marshes as a young boy. To this day, I still get a thrill pointing out Bald Eagle or Alligator nests to visitors.

Want to fly in Air Conditioned comfort?

Need a helicopter with fixed floats to land in the marsh?
Desire to see New Orleans from the air?
Filming a TV show in the area?
We've done that.

Call us at (504)912-5300 to discuss your needs.

We can arrange to meet you at many convenient locations:
  • The Superdome Heliport in the CBD
  • Lakefront Airport
  • New Orleans International Airport
Virtually anywhere!

or just join us at our home Heliport
12216 Highway #23
Belle Chasse, LA

Let us know how we can help!

Eric Covell

Call us at (504)912-5300 to discuss your needs.